• 3 layer breathable mask, cotton/poly shell
  • Inner layer with antimicrobial mesh
  • Built with 3D fitted face shape for all day comfort
  • Includes thin, flexible metal piece sewn inside the nose area.  This allows you to squeeze the piece around your nose, and it will stay the shape of your nose. This helps prevents fogging when you are wearing glasses, and will help prevent airflow over your eyes which leads to dryness. 
  • Includes adjustable rubber sliders for each ear loop, this allows you to adjust where and what angle the masks sits on your face.
  • PMS293 REALTOR® Blue mask with white trim
  • Washable and reusable


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Three Layer Logo Face Mask

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  • Curbside Pick-Up Only- GAVAR Staff will call/e-mail when order is ready. NO SHIPPING Available!