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  • Adding a Listing

    Need help with adding a listing? This guide walks you through step-by-step.

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    Change your Primary Photo

    Need help setting your primary photo? check this handy guide!

  • Searching (Standard)

    This guide covers the basics of searching in Flexmls.

  • market-analysis.jpg

    Quick CMA

    Need a Quick CMA? This guide has you covered.

  • Radius Searching

    So you know how to search, well, this guide will teach you how to get more out of your searches with Radius Searching.

  • Wildcard Searching

    What's a wildcard? An Asterisk! This guide is very useful for searching when you aren't quite sure what you're looking for!

  • Broker Opens

    Hosting a Broker Open? This guide will walk you through getting your Broker Open set-up.

  • Ranking Reports

    Want to see where you stand? Learn how to run ranking reports  with this handy guide!

  • Flexmls Auto Emails

    Want Flex to send your clients listings when they are available? So do we! This guide will teach you how.

  • MelloRoos.jpg

    Searching for Mello-Roos

    Not sure if a listing has Mello-Roos? This guide will show you how to find it.

  • DUES.jpg

    Paying your MLS Dues

    This quick guide will show you how to pay your MLS Dues.


SentriKey Android Mobile App Info

Guide for SentriKey Android Mobile Access.


SentriKey IPhone 

Mobile App Info

Guide for SentriKey IPhone Mobile Access.