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Palmdale Ordinance 1345
Registration of Vacant and Abandoned Property:

The purpose of Palmdale Ordinance 1345 is to require lenders to register vacant and abandoned properties within the City. The new ordinance requires banks and other lenders who are beneficiaries, or trustees on deeds of trust, to take responsibility for properties on which they file a notice of foreclosure. Failure to register or maintain vacant properties may result in fines.

If agents are contacted by their lenders with a request to register a property that has had a Notice of Default filed against it, they should do so. The City will accept registration forms which may not be complete, however the information provided on the form must include the following:

  1. The address of the property
  2. The name of the lender or asset manager
  3. The name and phone number and of a local contact person. If an e-mail address is available, please include it as well.

Registration forms are available online at ´╗┐ and may be delivered in person, or mailed to the City. The registration fee of $105.00 must accompany each property registered.

If a property is in default, and is occupied, registration is not required.

Properties will be inspected by code enforcement officers 2-3 weeks following registration. This grace period will allow the lenders representative time to correct defects on the property, prior to the City inspection. If the City receives a complaint against a property for a health or safety violation, the inspection may take place sooner.

12" X 18" signs, displaying a local contact name and phone number, may be placed in the window, rather than the larger size stated in the current ordinance. The print size of the name and phone number must be large enough to be read from the curb.

Agents should not name themselves on the Property Manager section of the registration form unless they have a contract with the lender naming them as the property manager. They may list their name as the local contact for the lender in the appropriate section of the registration form.

Agents with a large number of properties requiring registration may contact the Director of Planning, Asoka Herath at 267-5200 to discuss difficult situations.